Opinions about Bitcoin are highly polarized between enthusiasts and skeptics. What drives the passion of the enthusiasts is that Bitcoin is a technological breakthrough that creates many new and interesting applications.

Early emails of Satoshi Nakammoto developing Bitcoin

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On 3 January 2009, the bitcoin network came into existence with Satoshi Nakamoto mining the genesis block of bitcoin (block number 0), which had a reward of 50 bitcoins.

What do we know about Satoshi Nakammoto?

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You may know that Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym adopted by the creator of Bitcoin. While his identity remains a mystery, he communicated extensively in Bitcoin’s early days.

Minting money out of thin air and recording in a ledger

Meredith G. 2018-05-26 08:12:09 Digicash system, ecash, hashcash, timestamping service, b-money, bitgold, bitcoin history, bitcoin ledger, bitcoin’s security model

The success of Bitcoin is quite remarkable if you consider all the ventures that failed trying to do what it does. Bitcoin has several notable innovations including the block chain and a decentralized model that supports user-to-user transactions.

Process of building a digital signature for cryptocurrencies

Benjamin C. 2018-05-25 14:09:21 Digital signatures, cryptographic primitives, unforgeability property, building cryptocurrencies, designing cryptocurrencies, digital signature scheme

A digital signature is supposed to be the digital analog to a handwritten signature on paper. We desire two properties from digital signatures that correspond well to the handwritten signature analogy.

A brief introduction to Bitcoin mining

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A Bitcoin miner collects pending Bitcoin transactions, verifies their legitimacy, and assembles them into what is known as a “block candidate.”