All successful businesses that deal in the reselling of some type of tangible goods share one thing in common. They buy low and sell high.

Highlights, forecasts and rating of real estate investment trusts industry stocks in 2018

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REITs are real estate companies that must pay out high dividends in order to enjoy the tax benefits of REIT status. Stable income that can exceed Treasury yields combines with price volatility to offer a total return potential that rivals small capitalization stocks.

The basics of depreciation

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Depreciation represents a tax shield for revenues. Recent tax policy changes have shifted the amount of depreciation that can be charged to the life of the capital asset to a shorter time period and “front-loaded” the amount that can be depreciated in a given year.

Appreciation in market values

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Even without market inflation will prices up. appreciation, push real estate. Today’s mortgage interest rates sit above their long term average — not below.

Fundamentals of real estate valuation and analysis

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Buffett, one of the richest men in the world, has earned the reputation for being the greatest value investor of all time. Buffett is well known for his remarkable ability to recognize undervalued asset classes and has built his fortune centered around those principles.

Principles of investing in undervalued properties

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Real estate investors who enjoy a high degree of success are similar to their counterparts in the automotive industry and share a common element. They buy real estate, such as single-family houses, at wholesale prices and, at some point in the future, resell the property at retail prices.