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Prior to reading and understating our By-Law for binding an Agreement or entering to a non-binding Agreement to agree with Entity, it is mandatory or required or necessary or informative to read and understand the Constitution of the United States, Constitutions of the State or country or territory in which you may reside or maintain regular presence or wherein you may use or utilize our Services, in addition to reading and understanding of Acts, Statues, Regulations, Treaties, Rules and Codes of the United States such as Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Rules, New York Stock Exchange Rules, or any other Rules applicable to Securities and Capital Markets, applicable International Laws such as General Data Protection Regulation for European Clients, the Common Law and relevant Judicial Decisions and any and all pertinent regulatory matters as applicable and any other necessary legal information that may affect your Agreements with usand all aforesaid legal matters in other countries, states or territories for international Clients, at your own risks and liabilities and Expenses.

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Prior to any act, action, activities, or intention to enter into any non-binding or binding Agreement or Agreement to agree with Entity, it is mandatory or required or necessary or informative to read this Entity's By-Law at because relevant definitions and provisions applies to Preliminary and Temporary Agreement between you and Entity, or PTA.

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Please note that all definitions included in LEXICA section of our By-Law at applies to all sections of our Preliminary and Temporary Agreement which has eight key compartments as follows:

No Liabilities Under No Circumstances:

Please note that our Entity is not liable, under no circumstances, in any and all cases, even if otherwise is written, mentioned, construed, perceived, or recognized in anywise appertaining for any purposes such as business, marketing or advertising.






We extraordinarily respect the Law and the rights of our past, present or potential Clients, investors, shareholders and Members to be informed of how our Entity is being operated. Our By-Law approved by our Board Members is being updated and improved on a daily basis and posted on this link to inform each and every Client, Investor, Shareholder and Member, among others. You are responsible to print and possess all eight sections of Preliminary and Temporary Agreement on a daily basis, since the commencement of your usage of this website.

Aicody's By-Law


Unorderly interconnected and integrated definitions herein, hereof, hereto or herewith includes:

Capita (a) stands for any agency, association, bank, branch, campus, corporation, department, entity, firm, fund, individual, institution, office, organization, partnership, party, person, self, special purpose vehicle, subsidiary, trust, unincorporated entity or organization, venture, an economical subdivision, a combination thereof, or correspondingly thereunto; AND (b) is singular and plural;

Entity stands for Aicody LC, a Domestic and Closed Limited Liability Company, pursuant to Title 17 of Wyoming Statues, including, all its assets, liabilities, subsidiaries and Members;

✪ Advanced Prototypes, Products and Services or APPS (a) stand for applet, applications, centers, codes, designs, electronics, engines, facilities, factories, machines, materials, plants, platforms, processes, products, programs, projects, prototypes, servers, services, systems, utilities, a combination thereof, or correspondingly thereunto; AND (b) may be pertinent to any industries in any such domain as agriculture, architecture, art, artificial intelligence, automation, automotive, banking, biology, biotechnology, business, chemistry, codes, combinatorics, computations, construction, cryptography, cybernetics, econometrics, economics, electronics, energy, engineering, finance, industrials, informatics, machine learning, machinery, manufacturing, markets, materials, mathematics, mechanics, mechatronics, medicine, nanotechnology, neurology, neurosciences, numerology, optics, pharmaceuticals, physics, productions, research, retails, robotics, sales, sciences, semantics, space, statistics, surgery, symbolics, technology, time, trade, transportation, a combination thereof, or correspondingly thereunto;

✪ Intellectual Property or IP stands for: (a) any direct or indirect act, action or activity of any Member or Capita; AND (b) pertaining to APPS or any other interaction; AND (c) including, algorithm, alpha or beta or pilot prototype, comment, concept, design, development, document, equation, formula, idea, industrial property, innovation, invention, know-how, letter, manuscript, matter, modus operandi, number, object, opinion, parallel research or development, pattern, phrase, prototype or product or service matter, sentence, sketch, solution, symbol and word, among other things, wherein that Entity holds ownership and all rights and privileges thereto which may be publicly or privately protected or secured by a copyright, electronic or handwritten draft, invention disclosure, license, manuscript, paper, patent, tool, trade secret, trademark, witness, a combination thereof, or correspondingly thereunto; AND (d) from the first time of any initial interaction between or among such Member or Capita with Entity and with any other Member of Entity forward and indefinitely;

✪ Share stands for a Preferred Share or Stock or a Common Share or Stock of Entity;

✪ Shareholder Member or SM stands for a Member who, (a) holds a minimum of one Share of Entity; (b) has the right to Vote for the election of BMs; (c) may be given the right to participate in pertinent voting scenarios, if defined by MV; AND (d) any and all Preferred Shares and potential transactions thereto shall be paid out and settled prior to making any payments to any and all Common Shares and potential transactions thereto in any voluntary or involuntary event of liquidation;

✪ PEO, LEO, SEO and JEO are abbreviations of Principal, Lead, Senior and Junior Executive Officer;

Agreement, including any and all types of bound agreements, bargains, contracts, promises, modi vivendi, settlements, or transactions, stands for a solely and solemnly written and valid document, wherein legal obligations are solely bound upon signatures of all parties therein except for Preliminary and Temporary Agreements and all parties shall be self-liable for any and all potential Expenses and Disputes of any Agreement at all times and places during pre-commencement, commencement, execution, completion and post-completion periods unless and until Priorly and exactly and explicitly agreed otherwise;

✪ "include" or "including" stands for "include, without limitation," or "including but not limited to", which encompasses any and all non-listed aspects pertinent to the context;

Priorly stands for in advance preliminary, preparatory and examinatory periods and a time prior to any act, action or activity, in which an interested Capita, under its own Expenses, shall in good faith and bona fides thoroughly research, read, discover, understand and agree with any and all applicable sources of Laws in addition to any and all articles or provisions of Entity, thereafter such Capita shall provide to Entity any request with exact and explicit list of applicable, inapplicable, enforceable or unenforceable provisions or interests or notifications for consideration of Entity or opting out by Entity in any particular Agreement, thereby and therefore such Capita, Priorly, may or may not commence an act, action or activity or join to any Potential Agreement with Entity or form potential Disputes against Entity, wherein solely original and initial request of such Capita, “AS IS” and “WITH ALL FAULTS” and “IN PART”, shall be ground for any Potential Agreement and thus any construal or analytical claims after such first request shall be henceforth dismissed or be ground for dismissal in any Agreement thereto at anytime and place by sole discretion of Entity;

✪ Adept Member or AM stands for a Member who, (a) is presently employed and is reasonably active at Entity without any other commitments to external Capita, unless and until Priorly and exactly and explicitly agreed otherwise; (b) may have any such equivalently job title as Accountant, Administrator, Advertiser, Advisor, Agent, Analyst, Anesthetist, Animator, Apprentice, Arbitrator, Artist, Assistant, Associate, Athlete, Attorney, Auditor, Author, Backer, Baker, Banker, Biologist, Broadcaster, Broker, Buyer, Caretaker, Cartoonist, Cashier, Chef, Chemist, Chief, Clerk, Coach, Coder, Columnist, Commissioner, Communicator, Constructor, Consultant, Contractor, Contributor, Controller, Cook, Coordinator, Counsel, Counselor, Cryptographer, Curator, Cybernetician, Cyberneticist, Cytologist, Dentist, Designer, Developer, Director, Doctor, Driver, Editor, Electrician, Employer, Engineer, Entertainer, Entrepreneur, Executive, Expert, Financier, Florist, Founder, Gardener, Guide, Head, Illustrator, Inspector, Interpreter, Inventor, Investigator, Investor, Journalist, Judge, Laborer, Lawyer, Lead, Librarian, Machinist, Manager, Marketer, Mathematician, Mechanic, Musician, Negotiator, Nurse, Officer, Operator, Organizer, Painter, Paralegal, Partner, Performer, Pharmacist, Physician, Physicist, Physiologist, Practitioner, Principal, Producer, Programmer, Promoter, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Referee, Reporter, Representative, Researcher, Salesman, Scientist, Secretary, Seller, Specialist, Speculator, Statistician, Supervisor, Surgeon, Technician, Therapist, Trader, Trainer, Translator, Treasure, Waiter, Waitress, Worker and Writer; (c) commits and collaborates on fulfilling the mission of Entity in good faith and bona fides; (d) without any exception and expectation, grants and authorizes and transfers any and all rights and privileges and ownerships of any and all IPs to Entity; AND (e) may be drug-free at all times and may not use, consume, hold or carry opioids, narcotics or equivalently uncommon substances, materials or objects at offices or campuses or properties of Entity;

✪ Board Member or BM is mainly co-responsible for any and all affairs of Entity and may do any lawful act, action or activity as are not by Laws, an Agreement among SMs, any articles or provisions of Entity, or otherwise, required to or opted for exercise, performance, production or operation at Entity;

Client stands for a fully registered non-Member and present advertiser, buyer, client, customer, partner, purchaser, shopper, user, visitor on Entity's assets, who makes payments for APPS and follows any and all provisions of Preliminary and Temporary Agreements, Agreements to Agree, or applicable Agreements of Entity at all times and places and is not on hold or any suspension or delay and is not directly or indirectly involved in unauthorized or unlawful acts, actions or activities via Entity or its APPS;

✪ Distinguished Member or DM stands for a Member who, (a) may be co-responsible for advisory, consultatory, recommendatory, representatory affairs of Entity and may represent Entity, its Members, subsidiaries, contractors, subcontractors or eligible Capita; AND (b) may presently hold a valid Distinguished Membership Agreement;

✪ Executive Member or EM stands for a Member who, (a) is a PEO, LEO, SEO, JEO or a Chief Officer; (b) may hold at least one Share; (c) may have been an AM or equivalent of which for a minimum of twenty thousand (20,000) hours of efforts; AND (d) may presently hold a valid Executive Membership Agreement;

✪ Financing Member or FM stands for an individual or Capita, who is a present Investor, sponsor, backer or financier Member at Entity;

Member stands for an individual or Capita who, (a) is currently an AM, BM, DM, EM, FM or SM; (b) is directly or indirectly co-responsible at Entity pursuant to associated Membership Agreement; (c) may be currently employed and active at Entity, as agreed and applicable; AND (d) may not be, unless and until Priorly and exactly and explicitly agreed otherwise and signed, an employee, executive, director, labor or otherwise committed to or involved in external Capita, except for BMs, DMs, FMs and SMs;

✪ USC is the abbreviation of the United State Code;

✪ State stands for the State of Wyoming of the United States;

✪ State Laws stand for all pertinent business, banking, commerce, investment, finance and trade Codes of the State within its Constitution, Codes and Statues;

✪ National Laws stand for all pertinent business, banking, commerce, investment, finance and trade Codes of the United States within its Constitution, Codes and Statues such as any and all applicable Acts, Regulations and Rules of the United States Federal Trade Commission and any and all applicable Acts of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission;

✪ International Laws stand for all pertinent and properly recognized International Laws that may be approved or recommended or endorsed by Supreme Courts or Grand Juries in international business, banking, commerce, investment, finance and trade Codes of such other countries or territories within their Constitution, Codes and Statues;

✪ SEC stands for Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States;

✪ Securities analyst, pursuant to SEC § 15(d)(1), means any associated person of a registered broker or dealer that is principally responsible for, and any associated person who reports directly or indirectly to a securities analyst in connection with, the preparation of the substance of a research report, whether or not any such person has the job title of "securities analyst";

✪ Research report, pursuant to SEC § 15(d)(2), means a written or electronic communication that includes an analysis of equity securities of individual companies or industries, and that provides information reasonably sufficient upon which to base an investment decision;

✪ SEA34 stands for Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended;

✪ IPO stands for the closing of the issuance and sale of shares in its first underwritten public offering, if any, pursuant to an effective registration statement under SEA34, or other applicable Laws, forthwith, after the termination of the cooling-off period;

✪ Decimal Number (a) is a real number; (b) may consist of a maximum of eight digits after the decimal point; AND (c) may not be precise;

✪ d/e ratio (a) is a Decimal Number; AND (b) approximately equals to the division of the amount of debts to that of equities;

✪ Change of Control (a) stands for a sale, agreement, conveyance, combination or any disposition of all assets and liabilities of Entity, or a merger or consolidation with or into another entity, or other transaction or series of transactions, wherein SMs, forthwith and Priorly, would hold less than 50% of the Vote and 50% of total value as combined with successor or parent entity thereto; AND (b) may not include a transaction or series of transactions that are principally for bona fides financing purposes, wherein the monetary value is received by Entity or any successor of Entity, or indebtedness of Entity is canceled or converted, or a combination thereof occurs;

✪ Qualified Change may be an IPO, a Change of Control, merger, acquisition, wind-up, insolvency or undertaking of any types;

✪ Quarter stands for a period approximately equal to one fourth of a year including: (a) Quarter One or Q1 is from January first to March thirty first; (b) Quarter Two or Q2 is from April first to June thirtieth; (c) Quarter Three or Q3 is from July first to September thirty first; AND (d) Quarter Four or Q4 is from October first to December thirty first;

✪ Holidays which may be considered fixed in any and all calculations by Entity for simplicity and may be limited to following twelve (12) Days: (a) first Day in January, New Year’s Day; (b) third Monday in January, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Wyoming Equality Day; (c) third Monday in February, Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays; (d) second Sunday in May, Mother’s Day; (e) last Monday in May, Memorial Day; (f) fourth Day in July, Independence Day; (g) first Monday in September, Labor Day; (h) eleventh Day in November, Veterans Day; (i) fourth Thursday in November, Thanksgiving Day; (j) Friday right after fourth Thursday in November, Family Day; (k) tenth Day in December, Wyoming Day; AND (l) Christmas Day;

Day, unless explicitly and exactly agreed otherwise, starts at twelve midnight (12:00:0000 a.m., before noon) and terminates at the end of final ninety nine-hundredth of the final second of eleven o’clock, fifty-nine minutes and fifty-nine seconds (11:59:5999 p.m., after noon) upon Pacific Standard Time;

✪ Active Day is a Day, excluding the Holidays, in which Entity may be active, assuming that three hundred and sixty five (365) Days exist in a year, the number of Active Days in such year is equal to three hundred and fifty three (353);

✪ Capitalization Agreement Period or CAP is from the first Saturday occurred in the last ten (10) calendar Days of a Quarter to the last calendar Day of the same Quarter upon Pacific Standard Time;

Agreement First Day or AFD is the calendar Day in which the payments or financial receivables of an Agreement, bond, debenture, financing, instrument, investment, loan, note or otherwise has been fully transferred and received and settled by the parties thereto;

Agreement Last Day or ALD is the calendar Day in which the payments or financial receivables of an Agreement, bond, debenture, financing, instrument, investment, loan, note or otherwise has been fully transferred and received and settled by the parties thereto;

Agreement Days are the Days in between an AFD and ALD in exclusion of the two Days thereof;

✪ Meeting Costs stands for all monetary values for registering to or attending in a meeting;

✪ Vote or Vote percentage (a) is a Decimal Number in percentage, computed approximately using Entity Voting Systems, which are IPs of Entity, computations therein may be updated or changed by UV upon the present or updated Entity Voting Systems; (b) if undefined, it refers to voting of BMsand may be internally and similarly implemented by AMs or EMs for matters of Entity; (c) shall be primarily implemented by BMs representing all Preferred Shares of Entity prior to a Qualified Change for all affairs of Entity and shall fully participate via solely “YES” or “NO” forthwith as requested by CEO, Chairman or President and any undeclared or undecided or deferred Votes shall be proportionally divided among those decided BMs such that in an exampled event of 30%, 15%, 10% and 5% Vote rights by four Voted BMs, the remaining 40% Votes shall be proportionally distributed to the four decided BMs as 50%, 25%, 16.67% and 8.33%; (d) Vote transfer between or among BMs is acceptable if those involved BMs agree; for instance a transferor BM shall transfer 40% of Vote rights to one transferee BM and 60% to another transferee BM, if both BMs agree to exchange the Votes;

✪ Vote Ratio (a) is a unit-less ratio; (b) may be a Decimal Number in between zero and infinity, approximately computed by division of the first highest quantity Vote percentage to the second highest quantity Vote percentage; for example, the Vote Ratio for a ranked Vote percentage series of: 60%, 45% and 5% is one and five-tenth (1.5);

✪ Majority Vote or MV (a) occurs once the Vote Ratio reaches to or becomes greater than one and five-hundredth (1.05), after the voting is terminated; AND (b) if Voters are undefined, it refers to the Majority Vote of BMs;

✪ Affirmative Vote or AV (a) occurs once the Vote Ratio reaches to or becomes greater than three and zero-hundredth (3.00), after the voting is terminated; AND (b) if Voters are undefined, it stands for the Affirmative Vote of BMs;

✪ Unanimous Vote or UV (a) occurs once the Vote Ratio reaches to or becomes greater than nine and zero-hundredth (9.00), after the voting is terminated; AND (b) if Voters are undefined, it stands for the Unanimous Vote of BMs;

✪ dollar, USD or $ stands for the official currency of the United States;

✪ Investor stands for a bank, trust, financing, venture or investment or institutional firm or an approved Capita by Entity that (a) holds an agreed Share, financing, instrument, note, investment Agreement, a combination thereof, or an equivalent Agreement with Entity; (b) unless and until approved and waived by MV, may own or control a minimum of ten million dollars or an equal amount in assets, excluding negative pledges, or a minimum of half a million dollars or an equivalent of which in monetary, all thereof shall be certifiable by a lead Investor or a third-party sophisticated or qualified Investor prior to a Qualified Change, or may be an accredited, qualified, sophisticated or institutional Investor under SEC Regulation D-Rule 501; AND (d) who may acquire and hold and not sell or trade or pledge any Shares, under no circumstances, unless and until defined, issued and authorized by Managing Underwriter for sales of IPO shares;

✪ FFR stands for Federal Funds Rates;

✪ LIBOR stands for London InterBank Offered Rates;

✪ Applicant (a) stands for an individual, who may not be a Member; AND (b) who may be a student, intern, independent contractor or employee of other Capita, unemployed or laid-off; AND (b) who holds valid and required legal documentations and work permit of the United States at all times;

Voluntarily stands for, unless and until explicitly informed or stated or requested otherwise, any and all acts, actions and activities of any Capita regarding any and all matters of Entity shall be voluntary, in volunteer, or voluntarily, even if otherwise sounded, construed, perceived or recognized in any and all sales, business, marketing or advertising instruments of Entity;

✪ Freelance Capita or FC (a) stands for an independent or self-employed Capita in direct, valid and signed Agreement with Entity; (b) may not be a Member and may be an agent, client, contractor, intern, representative, subcontractor, trainee or user; (c) may receive compensation, gift, Honorarium, instrument, note, payment, remuneration, reward, salary, securities, stipend, wage, a combination thereof, or otherwise through or from Entity; (d) may hold an account in or via Entity including an user account; AND (e) may be a Capita in the process of joining Entity, including in a holder of conditional or potential Membership Agreement or Agreement to agree;

✪ Level (a) refers to Principal, Lead, Senior or Junior; (b) may be assigned to an AM or EM upon “qualification” by UV of EMs or BMs; AND (c) may be assigned to a campus of Entity dependent upon the productivity of its Members by UV;

Expense includes pertinent charge, cost, damage, expenditure, expense, fee, fine, insurance, liability, loss, overhead, payment, penalty, refund, reimbursement, repayment, risk and settlement of any type to any Agreement or Dispute;

✪ Proceeding stands for a pending, potential or completed action or proceeding including investigative, criminal, administrative or civil;

✪ SQRTNSOP index (a) stands for Series-Quarter-Rank-Time-Number-Share-Order-Passcode index; (b) may be assigned to an Agreement, debenture, instrument, loan, Share, a combination thereof or other asset of Entity; (c) may be implemented by Entity for decision makings or in an event of a Qualified Change to be paid out or distributed to the holders on a one by one Capita basis and upon: (I) Series-Quarter; (II) Rank-Time; AND (III) Number-Share-Order and not Passcode; such that the three categorizations thereof may be considered for such purposes as distribution of all receivables to SMs sequentially, in any event of liquidation, within a reasonable time period possibly not more than twenty-nine (29) business Days, subject to change by MV, to be paid out or distributed to an equal or unequal amount in monetary or via wire transfer or check or other possible stands for, however applicable and practicable, respectively as: (a) Pari Passu; (b) Pro Rata; AND (c) Seriatim; for instance, 016-2024Q1-4-124-1481828184-AAAA21-12-AICO4WYJu may be paid out or distributed upon Pari Passu based on 016-2024Q1, upon Pro Rata based on 4-124 and upon Seriatim based on 1481828184-AAAA21, in exclusion of AICO4WYJu Passcode;

✪ Honorarium stands for an approximately calculated remuneration paid or to be paid to a Member, in exchange with any and all acts, actions and activities performed by a Capita and pursuant to the total worked hours of a Capita during the Honorarium period (e.g., biweekly, monthly, annually), including an award, gift, instrument, reimbursement, remuneration, reward, salary, share, stipend, wage, a combination thereof, or correspondingly thereunto, that altogether constitutes an Honorarium model;

Dispute stands for an ambiguity, appeal, appellate, argument, claim, complaint, concern, contingency, controversy, debate, disagreement, disapproval, dissatisfaction, illegitimacy, invalidity, issue, lawsuit, objection, Proceeding, questionability, settlement, unenforceability, a combination thereof, or correspondingly thereunto, which any Client or Member or Capita may Priorly inform Entity for addendums, amendments and or resolutions;

✪ Account refers to the billing account for the Services. All Profiles linked to a single Property will have their Hits aggregated before determining the charge for the Services for that Property;

✪ Confidential Information includes any proprietary data and any other information disclosed by one party to the other in writing and marked "confidential" or disclosed orally and, within five business days, reduced to writing and marked "confidential". However, Confidential Information will not include any information that is or becomes known to the general public, which is already in the receiving party's possession prior to disclosure by a party or which is independently developed by the receiving party without the use of Confidential Information;

Client Data refers to the data we collect, process or store using the Services concerning the characteristics and activities of Clients;

✪ Documentation refers to any accompanying documentation made available to Clients by Entity for use with the Processing Software, including any documentation available online;

✪ Processing Software or Software refers to Entity server-side software and any upgrades, which analyzes the financial data and generates the Reports;

✪ Profile refers to the collection of settings that together determine the information to be included in, or excluded from a particular Report. For example, a Profile could be established to view a small portion of a website as a unique Report. There can be multiple Profiles established under a single Property;

✪ Property refers to any APPS that send data to Entity;

✪ Privacy Policy refers to the privacy policy on a Property;

✪ Report refers to the resulting analysis shown at account dashboard for a Profile;

✪ Servers refers to the servers controlled by Entity (or its subsidiaries) on which the Processing Software and Client Data are stored; AND

✪ Third-Party refers to any third-party (a) to which a Client provides access to Client's Account; or (b) for which Client utilizes the Services to collect information on the third-party's behalf.


Unorderly interconnected and integrated preliminary provisions includes:

✪ (mission), "Fastest Stock Price Estimation System”;

✪ (name), “Aicody LC”;

✪ (registered agent), “Registered Agent Inc.”;

✪ (purpose), engaging in any act, action or activity that an entity may be authorized to perform under State, National and International Laws;

✪ (instruments), among other instruments, Entity may issue multiple classes of Shares by MV, Preferred and Common, in which Common Shares do not hold voting, transfer, conversion, allocation of dividend, or similar rights therein;

✪ (validity), Entity may convert to other entity types by MV or acquire or be merged into other entities, thereby pertinent provisions herein shall be forthwith valid and enforceable by Entity and applicable subsidiaries;

✪ (jurisdiction), any and all Disputes of any and all types against Entity including domestic, foreign and international shall be referred or resolved or settled in the default venue of Disputes thereof at County of San Francisco or nearby Counties of the state of California, United States, subject to change or update by sole and solemn discretion of Entity by MV, thereby any and all Disputes in other venues shall be perpetually dismissed.


Unorderly interconnected and integrated instrumental provisions includes:

✪ (nondisclosure), any and all matters of valuation or capitalization may be undisclosed and such information may be solely and solemnly held by BMs prior to an IPO, unless agreed otherwise by MV;

✪ (certificate), Share certificates or scrips may be electronically issued for all SMs and the interest of an SM may be evidenced by one or multiple certificates representing Shares, which may be in such forms as BMs may adopt from time to time;

✪ (indexing), a Share certificate may be securely numbered via SQRTNSOP index or other indices;

✪ (transfer), of Entity, bonds, debentures, instruments, loans, notes, securities, a combination thereof, issued or issuable, are not registered under SEA34 or equivalent statutes thereof and thus shall not be sold, offered for sale, pledged, exchanged, traded, or in anywise or otherwise correspondingly acted, under no circumstances, except pursuant to an IPO and after the market stand-off period of such IPO, unless and until Entity or its subsidiaries provided other changes or remedies approved by MV;

✪ (validity) each certificate may be electronically signed and sealed by authorized Members and approved by MV;

✪ (registered SM), prior to due presentation for transfer of registration of its Shares, Entity shall treat a holder of record of any Share as the holder de facto and, accordingly, shall not be bound to recognize any equitable or other claim or interest in such Share on behalf of any other Capita, whether or not Entity shall have expressed or other notice thereof, except as explicitly provided by State Laws;

✪ (transfer), transfers of Shares, duly endorsed or accompanied by evidence of succession, assignation or authority to transfer, may be made upon the electronic transfer books of Entity only upon direction of the Capita named in the certificate;

✪ (cancellation), before a new certificate is issued, all prior certificates shall be canceled;

✪ (missing certificate), any SM claiming a Share certificate to be missing, lost, stolen or destroyed may make an affidavit of the facts as required or opted for by Entity and may pledge surety for indemnification purposes in form and amount and with one or more sureties of sufficiency and satisfaction to Entity, thereby a proper new certificate may be issued in a proper time upon receipt of penalty fees in lieu of the one alleged to have been missing, lost, stolen or destroyed;

✪ (issuance), Entity may adopt a system of issuance, recordation and transfer of its Shares by electronic or other stands for not involving any issuance of certificates, including provisions for notice to purchasers in substitution for any required statements on certificates;

✪ (dividend), dividends may be declared by MV and may be paid in the authorized but unissued Shares out of any unreserved and unrestricted surplus of Entity or in monetary or otherwise; provided that such Shares may be issued at not less than the value thereof and there may be transferred to stated capital at the time such dividend is paid an amount of surplus at least equal to the aggregate value of Shares to be issued as a dividend;

✪ (reserves), before the payment of any dividend or making of any distribution of profit, there may be set aside out of the earned surplus or current net earnings of Entity, such sums as BMs may deem proper from time to time, as a reserve fund for meeting contingencies, to pay and discharge indebtedness, or to fulfill other purposes which BMs may deem to be in the best interest;

✪ (wavier) all present or potential SMs Voluntarily waive a maximum of $1000 worth of Share in each event of valuation change of Entity for simplicity and avoidance of Share splits;

✪ (split), a split or division of the issued Shares into a different number of Shares, while authorized by MV, shall not be construed to be a Share dividend;

✪ (fraction), Entity shall be authorized to issue fractional electronic certificates or partial monetary payment for fractions of a Share, either represented by a certificate or uncertificated, which may entitle the holder to exercise voting rights contingent upon that such SM holds a minimum of one same Share, receives dividends and participates in any assets of Entity in the event of liquidation, in proportion to the fractional holdings; or it may authorize the payment in case of a fair value of fractions of a Share as of the time when those entitled to receive such fractions are determined; or it may authorize the issuance, subject to such conditions as may be permitted under State Laws, of scrip in registered or bearer form over the manual or facsimile signature of a BM, DM or EM, exchangeable as therein provided for full Shares, but such scrip may not entitle the holder to any rights of SM, except as therein provided; and the scrip may contain provisions or conditions that Entity deems advisable; and if a scrip ceases to be exchangeable for full Share certificates, Shares that would otherwise have been issuable as provided on the scrip shall be treasury Shares unless the scrip contains other provisions for their disposition;

✪ (surety), any or all Members may be liable to pledge bonds, suretyships, instruments, notes, debentures, a combination thereof, or correspondingly thereunto, with sufficient surety, pertinent to such conditions as may be required or opted for by MV.


Unorderly interconnected and integrated contractual provisions includes:

✪ (null), an Agreement may not be null, void or voidable if it is between or among Entity and one or more of its BMs, or between or among Entity and other Capita in which one or more of BMs, are directors or officers or members, or have interests, when such BM is present at or participates in BM meetings, which authorizes the Agreement or their Votes are counted for such purpose, if: (a) the material facts as to such interests and as to the Agreement are disclosed or known to BMsand BMs in good faith and bona fides authorizes the Agreement by MV; OR (b) the material facts as to such interests and as to the Agreement thereto are disclosed or known to SMsand the Agreement is specifically approved in good faith and bona fides by MV; OR (c) the Agreement is fair as of the time it is authorized, approved or ratified by BMs; OR (d) the fact of BMship, office or interests are not disclosed or known to BM at the time that the transaction is brought before BMs for action; such interested BMs may be counted when determining the presence of a quorum at the meeting of BMs authorizing the Agreement;

✪ (risks), Entity carries exceptionally substantial risks, thereby any and all types of involvements in Entity are fully discouraged and are not recommended, under no circumstances and any and all interested Capita Priorly and Voluntarily commence and witness any commitments with information and knowledge, in fulland acts, actions or activities of Entity are not recommended at no time and place and circumstances, even if explicitly advertised, mentioned, sounded, construed, perceived, or recognized in anywise appertaining;

✪ (liability), (a) under no circumstances, a Member is liable for any and all Expenses of other Capita that may arise from or may associate to any and all facts, facets, materials and APPS of Entity; (b) although Entity takes security, privacy and protective precautions of various and varying kinds to ensure and secure any and all Capita, Entity is not liable for any and all Expenses that may arise from or may associate to any and all facts, facets, materials and APPS of Entity; (c) Entity is not liable for any and all Expenses that may directly or indirectly associate to or arise from any communication, transaction, Agreement or Agreement to agree, under no circumstances, unless and until such Expenses are Priorly and exactly and explicitly defined, written and signed by parties thereto;

✪ (expansion), by MV, Entity is authorized to capitalize via acquisition, asset, debenture, debt, equity, instrument, liability, loan, merger, note, security, subsidiary, warrant, a combination thereof, or correspondingly thereunto;

✪ (precision), angles, codes, coefficients, constants, fractions, numbers, ratios, symbols, terms, units or any other term pursuant to any matter of Entity including algorithms, approximations, calculations, computations, engines, equations, forecasts, formulas, machines, objects, projections, statistics, systems, tests, vectors, Vote or APPS in general, whether pertinent to discrete or continuous math or physics, algebraic, geometric, arithmetic, linear, non-linear, a combination thereof, or correspondingly thereunto: (a) may not be accurate or precise; AND (b) may be at anytime updated, changed, optimized, tuned, corrected, reexamined, recalculated or additionally approximated by MV until the most accurate or fair estimations occur and shall not cause any pause in acts, actions or activities of Entity; AND (c) are for informational purposes in which Entity is not liable under no circumstances;

✪ (fees), Members, Applicants, Investors or FCs or other Capita may bear any and all Expenses in connection with an Agreement, request, proposal, negotiation or et cetera, or may Priorly and explicitly request and receive approval from Entity pursuant to such Expenses, prior to any act, action or activity; Entity is not liable for any Expenses, due diligences, hidden fees, reasonable or unreasonable Expenses, financing Expenses, transaction Expenses, direct or indirect Expenses, unless and until Priorly and exactly and explicitly agreed otherwise;

✪ (calendar), the fiscal year is from January first to December thirty first that includes the four Quarters;

✪ (Holidays), Entity may not consider, calculate, compute or pay any interest or dividend for any Agreement during the Holidays defined herein, unless and until Priorly and exactly and explicitly agreed otherwise;

✪ (Honorarium), key Honorarium provisions include: (a) a Member may receive Honorarium contingent on providing self-assessment and self-assertion documents and work time records, prior to due date and time and subject to approval by Entity; (b) Honorarium matters may be mitigated or determined by UV upon initial request of Applicants or candidates;

✪ (conditions), action taken by SMs or BMs regarding AOA shall be taken by MV;

✪ (enforceability), in any event that one or more of the provisions herein may be held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable with respect to any Capita or circumstance or matter or Agreement for any reason or cause in any respect in any States, even after considering such judiciary statutes or regulations or instructions, including, State, National and International Laws, the common sense approach, the ordinary meaning rule, purpose approach or mischief rule, plain-meaning rule, golden rule, equity-of-the-statue rule or ordinary-meaning rule: (a) the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions herein shall not be affected or impaired thereby, including, each portion of any word, phrase, sentence or paragraph herein containing any such provision held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that is not itself held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable; AND (b) to the fullest extent possible, the provisions herein may be construed so as to give effect to the intent manifested by the provision held invalid, illegal or unenforceable and as if such invalid, illegal or unenforceable provision had never been contained, including any and each such portion of any word, phrase, sentence or paragraph containing any such provision held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable or any and all Agreements hereto;

✪ (design), the symbols, fonts, colors, logo or any other design materials herein or herewith or in APPS are for convenience or simplicity solely and are not to construe, interpret or analyze AOA in anywise appertaining or may be a creation or work of fiction, science, mathematics, generated automatically or by users or clients or non-members, wherein Entity is not liable for, or may not have sufficient control over;

✪ (conduct), Entity’s public or private words or codes of conduct are defined herein by MV to ease, accelerate or facilitate public or private contexts or communications or meetings; public words of conduct are: “Next” may be presented in any such contexts, among others, which unexpected information is requested, whether of no or significant importance, whether of low or high priority; “Pass” may be presented in any such contexts, among others, in request of confidential, dynamic, extra, intellectual, limited, private, secure, sensitive, unimportant, unknown, unsecure, valuable, combinatory, strategic opinion or information or knowledge or properties, or otherwise including such rights under the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution or State, National or International Laws.


Unorderly interconnected and integrated BM provisions includes:

✪ (place), any virtual or non-virtual meetings of BMs at anytime and place is valid;

✪ (regular), the meeting of SMs and BMs occurs one to four times per annum;

✪ (Quarterly), an Investor, instrument or loan or note holder, approved by Entity, may attend Quarterly meetings, which may be called up and held in proper times and places, upon in advance registration and subject to settlement of Meeting Costs thirty (30) Days prior to CAP for obtaining nonbinding informative investment brochures;

✪ (special), special meetings of BMs may be called up by or at the request of holders by MV;

✪ (notice), notification is not required for regularly scheduled meeting of BMsand unless waived, any BM thereof may give notice to each BM of each special meeting, wherein the date, time, place and purpose of the meeting may be stated and such notice may be transmitted via email, web or mobile applications, telephone, first class or priority or certified mails, facsimile or other available stands for, seven business Days prior to the date for non-virtual meetings and three business Days prior to the date for virtual meetings;

✪ (quorum), by MV, constitution of a quorum, meeting at anytime and any place and any act, action or activity of BMs is valid;

✪ (election), PEOs shall be selected and elected by UV, LEOs or SEOs by AV and JEOs by MV;

✪ (protection), provisions of SMs include: (a) by MV, each SM may be represented by a BM; (b) reasonable Expenses of BMs during retention periods shall be borne by Entity, or otherwise as agreed; (c) the number of BMs may not be less than two, except if two BMs were not available and BMs may be selected and elected by MV; (d) each BM, except in case of resignation, retirement, disqualification, removal or decease may serve until the next succeeding annual meeting and thereafter until a successor may have been selected and elected; (e) a BM may be removed at anytime with or without cause or reason temporarily or permanently by MV; (f) removal action may be taken at any meetings; (e) a vacancy occurring in BMs, except by reason of removal of a BM, may be filled for an expired or unexpired term by remaining MV;

✪ (place), meetings of SMs may be held at any place within or outside of the State or electronically via virtual stands for as set forth in the meeting notice or, in the event of a meeting held pursuant to waiver of notice, as may be set forth in the waiver or at main campus of Entity;

✪ (annual), meetings of SMs may be held on a date and time as may be designated by BMs and stated in the meeting notice for the purpose of electing BMs or transacting businesses;

✪ (special), special meetings of SMs may be called upon at anytime by MV;

✪ (notice), unless waived or by attendance at the meeting, a written notice of each SMs’ meeting stating the place, date and time of the meeting may be delivered not less than seven Days prior to the date thereof for any purposes except for objecting to a transaction of business;

✪ (purpose), stating the meeting purposes is not required for an annual or substitute meetings;

✪ (quorum), at meetings of SMs, the presence and attendance of SMs with MV constitutes a quorum, wherein any matter coming prior to which may be determined by MVand wherein SMs at a meeting at which a quorum is present is sufficient for transacting businesses, notwithstanding that if enough SMs may withdraw and leave less than a quorum, thereby any action taken by MV remaining in the meeting shall be valid and enforceable;

✪ (procedure), whenever AOA require a notice to be given to SMs, the notice may be given via mail, email, phone, voicemail, facsimile or other web or mobile applications; whenever a notice is transmitted via mail, the notice may be sent by certified or priority or first class mails by depositing the same in a post office or letter box in a postage prepaid sealed envelope transmitted to SM’s address of record and such notice may be deemed to have been given at the time that the same is deposited in the United States mail;

✪ (waiver), whenever any notice is required to be given to SMs, a waiver thereof signed by BM or SM entitled to such notice, whether before or after the meeting to which the waiver pertains, may be deemed equivalent thereto;

✪ (nonbinding), all electronic or non-electronic opinions or exchanges of information without express written confirmation and signature of a Member, as designated, is solely for informational or nonbinding communications purposes and shall be treated as thereof, even if sounded, construed, perceived or recognized as bound in anywise appertaining;

✪ (liability), under no circumstances Entity is liable for any and all Members, Clients, Capita, APPS, or matters thereto, whether directly or indirectly, unless and until an specific liability has been Priorly and exactly and explicitly defined and agreed in an Agreement;

✪ (technical), while Entity is devoted to protect its Members, it is not liable for mathematical miscalculations in connection with any matter of a Member, Client, Capita or APPS, which is less than or equal to one percent of a transaction amount, or risks caused by or pertaining to internal or external indices (e.g., FFR, LIBOR) particularly in rush periods as CAPs, distribution periods or Qualified Change periods;

✪ (stand-off), under no circumstances, SMs shall, without prior written consent of BMs and Managing Underwriter, during the period commencing on the date of the final prospectus of Entity’s IPO and ending on the date specified by Entity or any other lockup periods announced by sole discretion of Entity and such Managing Underwriter in which such period may not be less than or equal to one hundred and eighty (180) Days and may not exceed three hundred and sixty (360) Days depending on risks and the type of SMship, yet subject to any changes or extensions as may be required by Managing Underwriter in order to accommodate regulatory restrictions on (i) the publication or other distribution of research reports; AND (ii) securities analyst recommendations and opinions including the restrictions contained in Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Rule 2711(f)(4) or New York Stock Exchange Rule 472(f)(4) or any other rules or any other securities markets as applicable or any successor rules or amendments thereto: (a) upon direct or indirect pertinence to any securities or instrument or financial Agreement of Entity, lend, offer, pledge, sell, trade, make any short sale of, make any instrument or any derivative or any exchange or any agreement, agreement to agree, agreement to sell, sell any option or agreement to purchase, purchase any option or agreement to sell, grant any option, right or warrant to purchase, a combination thereof, or correspondingly thereunto, or otherwise transfer or dispose of, directly or indirectly, any shares or Shares of Entity’s equity securities held forthwith prior to the effectiveness of the registration statement for such offering; OR (b) enter into any swap or any derivative or any exchange or any future agreement or any other arrangement that trades or connects or transfers to another Capita, in whole or in part or make any virtue of, any of the economic consequences of ownership of Entity’s equity securities acquired through the conversion of any type, whether any such transaction described in clause (a) or (b) above is to be settled by delivery of securities, in monetary or otherwise;

✪ (stop transfer), Entity may impose stop-transfer instructions on equity securities subject to the foregoing restriction until the end of one hundred eighty business Days or longer period if Managing Underwriter required or opted for; Managing Underwriter shall have all rights and authorities to enforce or enjoin the provisions hereof or to enforce or enjoin any other provisions in any other agreements in connection with Entity’s IPO, including lockup or negotiated offering or primary offering or private offering agreements, as though they were a party thereto; each SM further agrees to execute such agreements as may be decided by MV or by Managing Underwriter, that are necessary to give further effect thereto;

✪ (restriction), each SM understands and agrees that: (a) all securities of Entity are characterized as restricted securities under the federal securities Laws inasmuch as they are being acquired from Entity in a transaction not involving a public offering and that under such applicable regulations such securities may be resold without registration under SEA34 only in certain limited circumstances; (b) Entity has no obligation whatsoever to register the securities of Entity or to comply with any exemption from such registration; each SM represents that it is informed and familiar with and knowledgeable about SEC Rule 144, as presently in effect and understands the resale limitations imposed therein and under SEA34; (c) the conditions for resale set forth in Rule 144 have not been satisfied and that Entity is not obligated to satisfy these conditions in the future;

✪ (penalty), Entity keeps all rights to enforce penalties for unauthorized or unlawful acts against Entity by MV: (a) minimum penalty for breaching market stand-off stands at one thousand percent of the present value of the Shares at the time for any direct or indirect participations; (b) minimum penalty for breaching cooling-off period stands at five hundred percent of the present value of beneficiary Agreements at the time.


Unorderly interconnected and integrated admission provisions include:

✪ (practices), Priorly, an interested Capita or Applicant who may or intend to directly or indirectly join Entity, particularly for AMship, shall be informed that: (a) Entity performs acts, actions and activities, among others, which may require self-consciousness at all times and may connect without limitation to APPS; (b) a Capita may be given choices to choose a team upon possibility or may be assigned or transferred or relocated to a position or team at a campus at anytime with or without reasons and at any office or campus of Entity under the applicable Laws; (c) Members of Entity are selected upon qualification, which may be defined as an overall combination of any adeptness, aptitudes and arts; (d) UV may be required to solicit or invite applications, Applicants, candidates, et cetera, for Memberships of Entity; (f) Entity is a self-supervising firm and a Member may be self-conscious, self-liable, self-aware and self-dependent for their own acts, actions, activities, duties, health or benefits, without or with de minimis conduct, except expressed otherwise; AND (g) any Capita may consider and agree that Entity may request or inquire lawful background information from an Applicant or on an Applicant’s behalf that may seek information about pertinent matters from sources including Federal, State or other Agencies, including public and private sources which maintain background records;

✪ (health) any Capita, under their own Expenses and responsibilities, understands and agrees that (a) Entity is active in complex APPS and any Capita shall be hereby informed that sophisticated problem solving occurs upon normal and de minimis biochemical reactions in the brain, in which Entity is not liable for; AND (b) any act, action, request, question or recommendation suggested or assigned to a Member is at sole option of such Member to perform even if explicitly requested or perceived or construed or sounded suchlike; (c) Entity is extensively involved in information, data, knowledge, challenges or unknowns of unlimited types and any Capita may obtain information, data, knowledge from variety sources, contexts or materials in a variety of domains or may challenge with such problems or unknowns, which may influence or cause health risks or damages, in which Entity is not liable for, except for basic health insurances, if requested and agreed, or if otherwise expressed and agreed; (d) even if recognized, sounded, construed, implicitly or explicitly written or mentioned or advertised, Entity does not encourage or recommend any Membership, Clientship, APPS, Capita, contractor, subcontractor and business and does not encourage or recommend any specific test, expert, product, procedure, opinion, source or other information to any Capita; (e) any Capita, under their own Expenses, shall be self-liable for remedies, health matters or benefits or savings at all times; (f) an AM may bi-Quarterly perform a simultaneous biometric and drug test, whether in full confidence or not, in any event evidently presentable at all times once so requested; AND (g) Entity has zero-tolerance policy regarding use of opioids and narcotics at anytime or circumstance, except for such rare medical circumstances, for which evidences shall be presented at anytime upon request;

✪ (privacy) all Members are authorized to adopt and regularly use one or multiple fictitious names of common sense and acceptance in accordance with the Laws for doing businesses or protecting their identities or otherwise as it is authorized by Laws;

✪ (resign) removal and resignation matters are addressed: (a) Members may resign at-will and at anytime and place by giving a written notice to designated campus of Entity and the acceptance of such resignation may not be required to make it effective and may be forthwith effective for an AM, except as otherwise required by applicable Laws and subject to the rights; (b) an EM may be removed at anytime with or without cause or reason by MV; (c) an AM may be removed at anytime and place with or without reason or cause by MV or three Votes of PEOs, LEOs, SEOs, or two Votes of BMs or Chief Officers, or a single Vote if one BM remains; (d) removals may be as any form including an unpaid leave of absence, unpaid suspension, temporary or permanent discharge, or otherwise; AND (e) a removal may forthwith deprive of any and all access or asset or other privileges;

✪ (Membership) (I) BMs and EMs are primarily co-responsible for all affairs of Entity with the goal of fulfilling the mission of Entity; CEO, President, Chairman, Interim CEO, Co-President and Co-Chairman: (a) are co-responsible for all affairs; (b) are co-responsible for designing or executing Agreements; AND (c) may consult with other Members or Capita on the affairs and are automatically given a BMship;

✪ (triangle) CEO, President and Chairman are the essential triangle of the Board, wherein CEO, President and Chairman shall be responsible for external, internal and intersectional affairs of Entity;

✪ (absence), in absence of CEO, Interim CEO, President, Chairman, Co-President and Co-Chairman are respectively or jointly responsible for performing the duties of CEO;

✪ (indemnity), Entity may protect a BM or EM against reasonable Expenses in connection with Entity by MV;

✪ (unresolved), any Dispute from any Capita brought against Entity shall be forthwith and Priorly and no later than 90 Days of its commencement communicated with Entity in a document, wherein the key facts and facets and matters of such Dispute may be sufficiently written in accordance with Laws and highlighted and the subject shall include, “DISPUTE”and shall be transmitted to Entity via email and mail, respectively, or otherwise such Dispute shall be perpetually dismissed at any and all venues as instantly or shall be deemed permanently void;

✪ (jurisdiction), if a Capita, after initial communication lasting 90 Days for sufficient resolution with good faith and bona fides endeavors remained disagreed or discontent or dissatisfied, thereupon decided to proceed against Entity, with or without Priorly consent of Entity, such Dispute shall be solely and solemnly and respectively submitted to County of San Francisco solely, or upon agreement to applicable states in the following or nearby Counties of such states and otherwise shall be perpetually dismissed: (a) County of San Francisco, California; (b) Laramie County, Wyoming; (c) Kent County, Delaware; (d) New York County, New York; (e) King County, Washington; (f) Clark County, Nevada; (g) all other major Counties in the United States Divisions 8, 9, 2, 5, 7, 3, 4, 1 and 6, respectively; (h) Western County of Washington, Washington D.C.; (i) all other countries or territories under approval of Supreme Courts or Grand Juries and Governing Laws with respect to the Supremacy Clause shall be those for following states, respectively: (a) Wyoming; (b) Delaware; (c) California; (d) New York; (e) Washington; (f) Nevada; (g) all other applicable States; AND (h) Washington D.C.; specifically except for investor protection purposes in which Chapter 73 of Title 6 of Delaware Codes, known as Delaware Securities Act andDelaware Court of Chancery as a proper venue, by MV, shall be prior to State Laws and Default Venue, respectively;

✪ (venues), any and all instant actions shall be solely and solemnly submitted to a venue at County of San Francisco of State of California or by sole discretion of Entity to nearby Counties and otherwise shall be perpetually dismissed in any and all events;

✪ (risks) any and all Capita are hereby informed that Entity competes to break even, be merged, be acquired, or file for an IPO, while the occurrence probability is exceptionally low, thereby Entity is prone to highly substantial risks and its change, dissolution or insolvency at anytime by MV is plausible and in an event of liquidation prior to or after a break even, under no circumstances Entity is liable for any Expenses that may arise from such changes, unless and until Priorly and exactly and explicitly agreed otherwise;

✪ (priority), in an event of conflict in priority of Laws, such Law that are of the most benefits to SMs may be the prior Law and such judicial or jurisdictional processes approved or ordered by Supreme Courts or Grand Juries shall be ground for resolution, excluding without limitation, any and all unqualified judicial processes, declared inappropriate or unapproved by MV and if Members were neutral in a Dispute, the priority may be in accordance with the benefits of local Capita in such Dispute, then State, Country and other nearby Countries and Territories, respectively, thereby with respect to Supremacy Clause, State, National and International Laws may be respectively prior in special circumstances;

✪ (lobbying), pursuant to 31 USC § 1352 or equivalent Codes, Entity shall not directly or indirectly engage in lobbying, influencing, attempting to influence on individuals, agencies or branches of the United States Government or other governments unless and until Priorly and exactly and explicitly agreed otherwise by AV;

✪ (waiver), pursuant to 18 USC §§ 203, 205 and 208 or such equivalent Codes, all Members Voluntarily waive and declare not to hold actual, perceived or potential conflicts of interest with agencies or branches of the United States Government or other governments, contractors or subcontractors thereto and Clients in anywise appertaining, in addition to which, in good faith and bona fides and for ease of doing business, all Members Voluntarily waive all rights, not to cause or originate conflicts of interest, thereunder conflict of interest with any and all Clients and Capita shall be hereupon de minimis, inapplicable hereto and to all Agreements thereto or correspondingly thereunto;

✪ (ethics), under State, National or International Laws, Members shall appropriately comply with Procurement Integrity, Standards of Conduct, Ethical Considerations and Organizational Conflicts of Interests;

✪ (rights), under Third, Fourth and Fifth Amendments of the Constitution of the United States and unless and until an emergency event, incident or accident has taken place and excluding firefighters, or it is ordered by Supreme Courts or Grand Juries or without due process of law, armed or on-duty Capita of governments, countries, territories, agencies, branches, entities or ineligible contractors or subcontractors thereto shall not, without an appropriate and duty-bound and valid and Priorly bound Agreement, appointment, arrangement, invitation, modus vivendi, order, request, waiver or warrant enter into or access to any properties or assets of Entity, or influence or attempt or intend to influence any former, present or potential Members or any appertained Capita or Client in anywise appertaining or deprive of tranquility, security or privacy of Entity, unless it is against State, National or International Laws and violation of this provision may be penalized with a minimum of $25,000 per intervention per individual per attempt in addition to any incurring or incurred Expenses to be transmitted by violating Capita to treasury of Entity;

✪ (profession), all former, present and potential Members attest the following subject-to-change representations and certifications or may Priorly and Voluntarily and explicitly transmit, prior to commencement of any act, action, activity, Agreement to agree, or Agreement with Entity, any other representations and certifications for reviewing or evaluation purposes, or any Priorly objection to specific representations and certifications of Entity, without limitation: “Voluntarily, I certify that any and all my statements, documents and attachments thereto are upon truth, accuracy and the best of my information, knowledge and belief, are prepared in good faith and bona fides and does not contain any proprietary information and materials.”, “Voluntarily, I am informed and understand and agree that withholding, misrepresenting, falsifying, or including proprietary information and materials may have inapt effects on my potential profession or Agreement prospects, or potential profession status, up to and including denial or revocation of any potential Membership, or my removal and debarment from potential professions, indefinitely.”, “Voluntarily, I understand and agree that Entity has nonbinding Membership application steps and I have gained awareness, information and knowledge upon which I agree and transmit my Membership application to Entity or designated subsidiaries under my own Expenses that is prepared in whole and in part by myself or by my authorized and qualified representative or counsel or attorney in accordance with true and correct information, knowledge, belief and permission and I understand and acknowledge that Entity solely and solemnly employs limited adept, exceptional, extraordinary or outstanding individuals upon qualification process and Entity is and may perpetually remain under highly substantial risks.”, “Voluntarily, I have read and understood all relevant Codes of the United States applicable to this Potential Agreement to agree that I commence under my own Expenses and give my permission for full background check and evaluation purposes to Entity, its parents, subsidiaries, affiliated entities or contractors.”, “Voluntarily, I express my intent and interest to be considered and screened for any positions or changes thereto, if Entity on its sole discretion decided to grant a position or perform any changes therein, except for those I may have Priorly disclosed and enclosed.”, “Voluntarily, I understand and agree that under no circumstances Entity is liable for any Expenses of mine that may arise from any binding or nonbinding Potential Agreements or Agreements to agree or Agreements or processes, unless and until Priorly and exactly and explicitly agreed otherwise.”, “Voluntarily, I certify, attest and assert that all information in my documents or any attachments thereto are true, correct, accurate and to the best of my knowledge, without any tort or distortion and I agree to collaborate and cooperate with any and all Members, Clients and Capita, wherein and whereof applicable, in good faith and bona fides prior, during and potentially after termination of my Membership via applicable communication tools or individual presence and follow all processes and procedures agreed upon in my Membership or other Agreements thereto.”, “Voluntarily, I understand and agree that Memberships are at-will and both Entity and I reserve and hold the right to terminate my Membership with or without reasons at anytime and place and with or without prior notifications.”; “Voluntarily, I have fully read, understood and agreed with this AOA in whole and all Terms and Conditions of Entity, except for those I may have Priorly enclosed.”; “Voluntarily, I acknowledge and agree that I execute this Potential Agreement or Agreement to agree or Agreement Voluntarily and without any duress or undue influence by Entity or any Capita and I further acknowledge and agree that I have fully and meticulously read all compartments of this Potential Agreement or Agreement to agree or Agreement and that I understand all terms, consequences and binding effect of this Potential Agreement or Agreement to agree or Agreement for which I declare my liability and responsibility in whole and in part.”; AND “Voluntarily, I request for [e.g., Full-Time, Part-Time, Flexible] Status, [e.g., Software Engineer] Title, [e.g., Adept, Executive] Membership, [e.g., Intern, Apprentice, Junior, Senior, Lead, Principal, Chief] Level, total honorarium of [e.g., ~$1.00] as a combined [e.g., ~$1.00] in [e.g., Preferred, Common] Shares or Options to be Vested for [e.g., 3, 4, 5 years] with [e.g., 1 year] Cliff and [e.g., ~$1.00] in Salary in [e.g., San Francisco CA Campus, Seattle WA Campus, New York City NY Campus, Las Vegas NV Campus, Casper WY Campus] and including sole options of [e.g., 10 hours per week work from home, overtime, home office, dental insurance, family insurance, 401K, etc.] and excluding solemn options of [e.g., travelling, relocation to other campuses/cities, inflexible hours]”;

✪ (enforcement), unless and until agreed otherwise, any and all acts, actions or activities of Members of Entity or candidates or Applicants thereto are and shall be Voluntarily, even if otherwise mentioned, sounded, perceived, construed, recognized, or unless and until agreed otherwise by MV for special purpose tasks and Entity is henceforth not liable for any and all Members, under no circumstances, except if Priorly and exactly and explicitly agreed otherwise;

✪ (timely action), any Capita, including any and all Clients and Members and SMs understand and agree to have 4 weeks or 28 Days in any events of Change of Control, notification of which shall be transmitted via email to applicable parties or may be posted online on proper domains of Entity (e.g.,, to file any Proceedings on any matters in proper venues, thereafter any late Disputes shall be perpetually dismissed in any and all venues and in any and all places and times, even if acceptable reasons are furnished;

✪ (timely indemnification), after 21 days of announcement for Change of Control, potential parents or holders of Entity are not liable, under no circumstances, for any untimely Proceedings, transactions, Disputes, even if a plaintiff holds valid reasons for untimely actions;

✪ (intention to proceed), any Capita, which intends to file any Proceeding against Entity shall Priorly inform Entity at least 15 Days prior to filing;

✪ (inadvertancy), Entity is not liable for inadvertent incompliances or acts, even if such acts may have been resulted to substantial damages;

✪ (age waivers), minors with detailed permission of both parents or guardians or all liable custody holders, approved by a valid notary public of a state or territory wherein they maintain regular presence, are waived for employment or similar specified purposes at Entity;

✪ (communications), necessities or emergencies of any and all types shall be transmitted to Entity via all three methods of voice or text messaging, email and mail, respectively: (a) regular, first-class or priority mail (e.g., UPS, USPS, FedEX, DHL) to "5 Thomas Mellon CIR STE 154 San Francisco CA 94134"; AND (b) email to "team" ät "aicody" döt "com"; AND (c) voice message or text message, available 24/7, on any of following numbers: +1 (415) 952-7773;

✪ (amendment), by MV, while maintaining all rights, BMs shall in good faith and bona fides alter, amend, rescind, revoke or repeal, in part or in whole, AOA, provisions, statues, bylaws, Terms and Conditions, or schedules of Entity or create or adopt any schedules at anytime and place, upon which present or Potential Agreements may be updated bona fides with the latest amended articles, provisions, bylaws, Terms and Conditions, or schedules, unless and until Priorly and exactly and explicitly agreed otherwise in any such other special purpose Agreements;

✪ (provisions), unless and until Priorly and exactly and explicitly agreed otherwise by MV, any and all provisions of parents of Entity shall be prior to any and all provisions of Entity and any and all provisions of Entity shall be prior to subsidiaries therein.


References included herein are in general forms for informational purposes, apart from which, any Capita shall be Priorly and independently liable for searching or discovering materials or sources of information or necessities or interests or in any other articles or provisions of Entity, under their own Expenses and prior to joining or commencing any Agreement to agree or Agreement with Entity and Entity may be therefore contacted at anytime for additional information via voice messages, email and mail, respectively, for which addendums or updates or amendments may be provided or placed upon, in part or in whole, based upon under no circumstances liability term.